Sigma Computer Systems

Our Service Rates

Estimates Are Free

Our hourly rate is $74, with a cap of 2 hours maximum, so if it takes us longer then that, you are only obligated to pay the 2 hour maximum charge + any hardware / software required in the repair process. This does not apply to network installations, or specialized projects - file servers / data migration, data recovery etc.

Remote Support is billed in 1/2 Hour increments at $74 per hour.

Listed below are some typical computer repairs, and corresponding charges. Prices do not include hardware.

  • Hard Drive Installation, No Operating System - $18
  • Hard Drive Installation with no data backup required. Includes Operating System, Drivers and Windows updates. - $112.50 (Valid operating system license required for Windows Installations).
  • Above with DATA backup - $148 (price subject to change depending on the amount of data, and whether you require us to reconfigure / re-import data such as email accounts etc.)
  • Any type of card (video, sound etc) - $18
  • Motherboard Installation - $75
  • Power Supply Installation - $40
  • Malware / Virus Removal / System Cleanup / Optimization. This varies depending on the extent of infection, and ranges from $74 to a maximum of $148 if data backup and Operating System re-installation is required.

Other Services:

  • On-Site Router / Network Setup $85 per hour. This doesn't include installation of network cables or wall jacks.
  • Larger Network Installations - cabling, wall jack installation, patch panels etc. - email details and we'll be happy to provide a quote.
  • Data Recovery - $74 per hour. This typically doesn't exceed 3 Hours. No charge if recovery is unsuccessful.
  • Laptop Screen Replacement - $74 + price of LCD screen which vary from $60 to $200 depending on the laptop model. Please email us the model and manufacturer of the laptop, and we can provide a quote.
  • Laptop DC Jack Repair - $65
  • Laptop DC Adapter Repair - $30